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Yamaha Neighborhood

Case Study
College Project


This project was created as an entry for the 2013 D&AD Student Awards, based on the brief set by Yamaha.

Create a campaign using digital media that generates global brand awareness for Yamaha’s full range of products. They want you to develop a digital platform, product, service, or idea that engages people through new methods of online advertising.

Yamaha believe that through the collaboration of musician and instrument, or rider and bike, passion and performance is harnessed—although their products are different, the audience attitude remains the same.

Yamaha believe in the power of play, choosing to call its audience players rather than consumers or customers. You should develop this interactive approach to tell their story. They would like you to create a digital idea that immerses new players—those who are young at heart—in the Yamaha world.

Logo Sketch

Yamaha Neighborhood

Yamaha Neighborhood embraces the notion of being global by being local. The goal of the app is to bring together musicians, riders and potential new players. The main concept is to provide a platform to share for musicians and riders and connect locally. The core functionality of the app will be the ability to create, share and find local music and routes.

App - Music

The music function of the app enable musicians to sync their soundcloud profile and geo tag their music. The app will create playlists based on the location and thus promoting the local musicians in the neighborhood.

The routes part of the app help users record their ride routes and share them. This will be featured on the routes home screen based on the location, helping riders to find routes to explore in their neighborhood.

App - Routes
Video thumbnails

Promo/Walkthrough Video

A 2 minutes video was created to show the various functionalities of the app, which works as the promo video too. In order to show the idea of sharing local music and route, the video was shot around Bangalore and features Parvaaz, Mad Orange Fireworks and Symmetrical Haze and their music. This video was part of the main deliverables for the student award entry.