Hello My name is Akhil.
I am a Designer.

The story so far

Originally from Cochin and now based in Bangalore, I am a freelance designer interested in exploring different areas of visual communication. History, culture, people, nature and technology inspires me.

As part of my design school assignments, I have worked on advertising and editorial projects, made documentaries and promo videos, from the conceputal stage to the final execution.

Before graduating with Bachelors in Design from Raffles Millennium International, Bangalore, I worked for 6 years as a web/UI designer. During this period, I was part of various projects ranging from finance to education and helped them achieve their design goals.

With experience in print, web, photography and video, I strive towards developing design solutions that creates meaningful experiences and brings wonderful stories to life.

If you would like to work with me or just have a chat, feel free to mail me. You can also follow my flickr, vimeo and instagram.

Selected projects

What makes
you creative?

Case Study

Velappaya Nandanan

Case Study

Yamaha Neighborhood

Case Study


Case Study


Case Study