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Case Study
College Project


Reveal was created in reponse to the brief set for Design & Society module. The main of the module was to understand the role of graphic design in society, making a positive and relevant contribution to society. The first step of the project was to find a relevant topic, which was to be followed by a detailed research and identifying possible design interventions. Final stage of the project was to execute the design solution.

Project proposal & Research

From a range of 20+ possible topics, some were mixed, altered and changed completely to come up with the final topic—Relationship of society with objects/things/people.

The only way to gain more information about this relationship was to communicate with people from different part of the society. The most effective method to do this was of course to talk to them directly.

To ensure the participation from different part of the society, simple questions were asked to obtain basic information about them. The main and final question was to identify their relationship with objects or things or people in their life—5 things you can’t live without.

This survey/interview provided information that differ with age, sex, social and economic backgrounds, while covering a wide range of people.

Research Book

Research Book

The book covered the process of the project till that stage—from the initial topics to the time plan for the design stage. It also covered the types of research conducted for the survey and presented the aim and objectivies of the project. The detailed survey results rounded off the research book.

Research Book - Page Treatment

As the project deals with information that already exist in the society but not visible openly, the pages were also treated similarly. The text pages of the book went through mutiple rounds of xerox, distorted and scanned again. Except for the survey, all pages are made to look like they’ve been scanned from an existing source in a hurry.

  • Research Book Spread
  • Research Book Spread
  • Research Book Spread
  • Research Book Spread

The book is divided in to two parts—project details with secondary research and the survey. The first part runs through the right side (recto) in greyscale and the survey runs back from the end of the book in colour on the left side (verso).

The survey side of the book is presented with the question 5 things you can’t live without and the photo of the people who answered the question. Just as if you meet any of them in the road, you can see what they look like without any idea what those 5 things are.

  • Research Book Detail
  • Research Book Detail
  • Research Book Sketches
  • Research Book Sketches
Research Book - Open Spread

The survey pages are also perforated in the middle, inviting the reader to open it. Tearing the page reveals their name, age, sex, occupation and their answer to the question. The content section of the book concludes with the aim & objectives of the project and the proposed timeline for the design stage.

Aim & Objectives

To portray the multi–layered nature of society in a playful way.

  • To create an interactive piece based on the research.
  • To provide insight to the relationship between people and objects/things in their life.
  • To demonstrate the hierarchy of the things/objects in day to day life of the society.
  • To examine the similarities and differences within the society.


The final design outcome of the project was a website featuring the survey at its centre. The website examines what people consider as most important to them, how it is similar and different within the society and how the approach differs between age groups.

Five screens divide the things picked by the 105 survey respondents and provide information breakdown on percentage of people who picked particular objects, their age group and other things picked by the particular age group and so on.

  • Reveal Title 1
  • Reveal Title 2
  • Reveal Title 3
  • Reveal Title 4
  • Reveal Title 5