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Case Study
College Project


As part of the Publication Design module, the project was to create an experimental magazine.

The project required to pick a theme for the magazine, come up with name, design masthead, cover and two article spreads that fits with the selected theme.


After coming up with various possible themes, it was decided to create the magazine about the art and culture of Kerala.

Research started with studying existing magazines, their layout and type usage. It was then extended to the selected topic and various articles that could become part of the magazine. Main goals for selecting the articles was the relevance to the theme and also the opportunity to explore layout and composition using text and image.

Mudiyettu - Daarikan
Logo Sketches Logo Variations


The magazine was named Kairali, meaning from Kerala. The logo of the magazine was based on the shapes of the malayalam script. Circular and semi-circular shapes were also included as a reference to the prominent use of the shapes in variuos art forms in Kerala.

Logo - Magazine Cover

When Gods & Demons play

The main article choosen for the project was about Kathakali, detailing the make up, stage, costumes, actors, music and performance.

Once the article was finalised, a Kathakali performance was photographed at Fort Kochi to study the art form and also to get images supporting the article.

The layout of the book was mainly inspired by the circular shapes of the costume and a circular grid was used for setting the type through out the article.

Magazine spreads

Article content from The Mahabharata In Kathakali Dance Drama by Nagendra Kr Singh. Published by Global Vision Publishing House, New Delhi.

Mudiyettu Magazine Detail

Ritual in theatre

The second article for the project was based on an article by T K Sadasivan, published in The Hindu. This article was about an art form called Mudiyettu.

Following the layout guide from the main article, this also followed a circular grid and the photos were taken during a performace during a temple festival.

Magazine Detail
Ritual in Theatre
Magazine Cover

Magazine Cover

Cover of the magazine featured photos from the main story of edition, following the grid inspired by the Kathakali head gear. Masthead also followed the same grid, highlighting the main features and issue, month of publishing etc.