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Time to race

Racetrack is an AI innovation company with a vision to empower businesses and society to scale new heights and reach the next level.

Bangalore based creative studio 48° invited me to collaborate with them to redesign Racetrack’s website. Their website was more than a year old, and in the interim the company’s ethos and the services they provided had evolved. The old website didn’t reflect this; therefore our goal was to effectively communicate who Racetrack currently is and what they offer to the world now. 48° managed the project and handled the content, while I worked primarily on the UI/UX and development phase.

Marvin page on desktop.

Learning the ins and outs

We started the project with the discover and research phase; this involved understanding the brand and their field of function better, collecting and analysing data from their old website and setting up interviews and surveys with racetrack’s customers, team members and various stakeholders.

Layout sketches.

Laying the tracks

Once we had enough information, we conducted a kick-off workshop with the Racetrack team to present our research findings and also organised a series of exercises. This helped us define the brand values better and form clear objectives for the website. Based on these, we worked with the Racetrack team to identify core pages, map out user flows and page structure for the site.

Sitemap illustration.

Connecting all the dots

The design phase started with developing content and wireframe structures. After setting up the basic layout, we moved on to high fidelity wireframes for the core pages and iterated it until they met the required objectives and were approved.

  • Home page illustration.
  • Marvin page illustration.
  • Turing page illustration.
  • Industries page illustration.
  • About page illustration.
  • Resources page illustration.

Powering the web presence

The development phase followed with front-end and Wordpress integration. Based on the custom requirements for specific pages, respective admin pages also had their own content requirements, enabling the client to manage and modify the content for custom and generic pages alike.

Options for elements like video embed, client testimonials etc., were also added for future usage. We also developed an admin guide that details how the custom functionalities work. It was created as a single page site, so that it can be maintained by the Racetrack team as the site evolves.

Header and menu on large screen. 404 not found page. Header and menu on small screen.
Marvin product page. Turing product page.

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